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The Fowler-Finn Lab



Dr. Kasey Fowler-Finn is a rockstar, and she was ready to let the world know it. Dr. Fowler-Finn had recently been hired for a tenure-track position. She was launching an inclusive lab group, developing groundbreaking projects, and was searching for a creative collaborator to whip her branding, website, and upcoming grant proposal into shape.


Showcase the amazing personality, productivity, and inclusivity of this bad@$$ scientista. We wanted to let science know it’s okay to be confident and sassy. It’s okay to have flaming pink data visualizations. It’s okay to be honest about breaking molds and glass ceilings, all while celebrating your research program and your science.

Broader goals: change how we present science online. Make it cool, fun, approachable. Make it fresh, make it sleek, make it inspiring. Thanks Dr. Fowler-Finn for breaking down barriers, in your work and on your website!

The Project:

The Website

This site was designed to make visitors sit up and take notice. Dr. Fowler-Finn is pushing the boundaries of research, teaching, and engagement, and we want to make sure people pay attention. For this site, we created a bold color palette and an eye-catching video header featuring scenes from daily life in the lab. We took portraits, designed splashy project pages, and embedded as much media and visualizations as humanly possible. The goal was to facilitate people hanging out on the site for hours, learning more about the work. We will continue expanding the form and function of the site over the next few years.

The Content


video header


Logo & T-shirts


The Grant

This was actually the first large National Science Foundation proposal that we ever collaborated on, and we were floored when it received glowing reviews and full funding. It was our first proof of concept that powerful storytelling leads to powerful grant proposals.

Our goal with this proposal was to hone in on (and develop an emphasis around) the most engaging aspect of Dr. Fowler-Finn’s study, which in this case was temperature-sensitive reproductive behaviours and possible mating barriers resulting from climate warming.



The end product:

A courageous, inclusive lab group doing groundbreaking research while shattering glass ceilings and misconceptions about who can be a scientist.

Keep crushing bae.

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