Why hire out?


As a scientist, you already wear lots of hats: researcher, teacher, mentor, writer, committee member, and advisor.

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In addition, many grants now require you to develop and implement your own outreach campaigns, adding "film producer," "blogger," or "podcaster" to that already-long list.

Consequently, we have seen many outreach campaigns fail to launch or merely limp along, due to researchers’ lack of time, lack of training, and often lack of interest in science communication. Even the best outreach intentions often fail to meet their full potential because of time and skill constraints.

We propose a different model for outreach: hire us to develop, implement, and track your media campaigns.


Impact Media Lab was a key part of being able to convey my excitement as well as the value of the work to the National Science Foundation. Impact Media Lab pushes the bounds of your thinking while being supportive and professional.
— Dr. Kasey F-F

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Why Impact Media Lab?

We are scientists too! We know the passion and rigor that goes into a data point. We understand the constraints and funding systems in place. We recognize the beauty of a well-performing model, an eloquent experiment, a rare behavioral trait, a causal link between phenomena. We. totally. get it.

But our passion lies in communicating these awesome stories to the broader public, in developing outreach campaigns that change peoples’ lives, in sharing scientific findings in ways that move and inspire non-scientists.

Let us focus on our passion (telling your story), so that you can focus on your passion (doing your science).


[Working with Impact Media Lab] helped me to see the beauty and magic of the scientific research that I do, and helped me to share this with a wide range of people, including friends and family who knew few of the details.
— Dr. Sharon C


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