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Three Impact Media Lab filmmakers in the field, smiling. They are clearly having some fun.

Why Impact Media Lab?

We are scientists too! We know the passion and rigor that goes into a data point. We understand the constraints and funding systems in place. We recognize the beauty of a well-performing model, an eloquent experiment, a rare behavioral trait, a causal link between phenomena. We. Totally. Get. It.

But our passion lies in sharing these stories with the broader public. In developing campaigns that get your work out there. In helping you achieve great science, a great career, and profound impacts with your work.

Impact Media Lab was a key part of being able to convey my excitement as well as the value of the work to the National Science Foundation. Impact Media Lab pushes the bounds of your thinking while being supportive and professional.
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Gif of the Impact Media Lab logo. The owl is adjusting its eye the way a photographer adjusts a camera lens.

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[Working with Impact Media Lab] helped me see the beauty and the magic of the scientific research that I do.
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