Why Impact Media Lab?

As scientists, we know the passion and rigor that goes into a data point. We understand the constraints and funding systems in place. We recognize the beauty of a well-performing model, an eloquent experiment, a rare behavioral trait, a causal link between phenomena. We. totally. get it.

But our passion lies in communicating these awesome stories to the broader public, in developing outreach campaigns that change peoples’ lives, in sharing scientific findings in ways that move and inspire non-scientists.

Let us focus on our passion (telling your story), so that you can focus on your passion (doing your science).


Our funding takes two forms

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I have funding

I have funding and would like to hire Impact Media Lab to develop and run a media campaign:

You already have funding, wonderful! In this model, we brainstorm a media campaign together, based on your budget, your outreach goals, and the type of work that you do. We could create a documentary, a web application, a new website for the project or your lab group. There is no limitation to what we can build together.

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I am applying for a grant

I am applying for a grant and would like Impact Media Lab to run my Broader Impacts:

You're applying for a grant, great! Partnering with Impact Media Lab makes your grant proposals more competitive (we have a strong record of securing National Science Foundation funding). In this model, we collaborate to craft a strong research narrative and exciting outreach campaign. We write the Broader Impacts section for you and add our fees to the project budget.


Tell us about your project!

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