Boulder Apple Tree Project | PHOTO + BRAND STRATEGY + WEB DESIGN



The Boulder Apple Tree Project is a combined effort of geneticists, ecologists, horticulturalists, historians, and community members to study apple tree diversity in and around Boulder County and restore rare varietals. The project was grappling with an issue we don’t see often in science: an ABUNDANCE of public interest. We were brought in to harness all of that interest and enthusiasm and use it to build long-term financial stability for the project.


Show how AMAZING this project is (seriously, learn more about them!) and build a platform that can turn interest into action, i.e. collect donations, grow the email list, promote social engagement, and more. This collaborative project is radically rethinking the interface of science, history, and education, and we wanted to help them share that with an even larger online and physical audience.

The Project:

The Brand

The Boulder Apple Tree Project is a story of discovery and adventure. A team of scientists, citizens, and students working together to discover Boulder’s apple history and shape the culinary and ecological future. The brand for the project is warm and deep-rooted, with visuals that conjure feelings of heritage, history, and adventure. The use of clean white spaces give the brand a modern feel, while the vintage illustrations keep it approachable.

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batp logo_square.png
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The Website

The website was designed to provide actionable ways for people to get involved with the Boulder Apple Tree Project, including taking a course, helping collect data, signing up for the email list, and engaging on social media. We were excited to build a site that helps people fall in love with the project and connect with the important work they are doing.