Dr. Ankur Desai is an established, tenured professor, so to him a website was less about building a new audience and more about sharing his work with the large network of students and collaborators that he already has. It was about blogging capabilities, responsive design, and how to ease some of the burden of inquiries about climate change.


The ultimate goal was to harness the impact Dr. Desai was already having in science, and make it accessible to the broader public. We also wanted to make the work more compelling to scientists outside of ecometeorology. We strove to create a visual voice for Dr. Desai’s research, while developing systems that better allowed him to showcase his lab’s projects, grants, and collaborations.

The Project:

our approach

This site was designed to blend in with the brand and design standards set by the University, while allowing Dr. Desai’s unique dedication and passion to shine through. The site feels modern and academic, but still approachable to the average, science-curious internet user. The website is large (15+ pages) but was designed to feel intuitive, engaging, and easy-to-navigate.

The Old site

The New Site


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