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It’s a competitive world out there and tenure-track faculty jobs are hard to come by. We worked with post-doctoral scholar Dr. Ty Tuff to develop a new website and brand strategy to help him prepare for application season.


Build a brand strategy and website that allows Dr. Tuff to stand out among the masses. The ultimate goal was to help Dr. Tuff develop an application package that is memorable, compelling, and the best possible presentation of himself and his work, to make search committees everywhere swoon.

The Project:

our approach

Ty Tuff is a cool dude, and our goal was simply to let that shine through with a simple and memorable design. The brand is slightly edgy, confident, with a great sense of humor. We used a lot of moving content (gifs + video) to help his website reflect the dynamic nature of his research.

The end product:

a platform + strategy to help this early-career ecologist achieve his professional ambitions.