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The Project:


It’s a competitive world out there and tenure-track jobs are hard to come by. We worked with post-doctoral scholar Dr. Chelsea Cook to develop a website and brand strategy to help her prepare for the upcoming application season.


Create a website that allows Chelsea to stand out from the crowd, drawing from a brand strategy that reflects her career goals, target audience, and personality. The ultimate goal was to contribute to an application package that is unforgettable, compelling, and the best possible presentation of this amazing woman and her work, to make search committees everywhere swoon.

our approach

It doesn’t get cooler than Chelsea Cook. Her work on collective cognition is relatable to anyone living in a social society, and her use of the honeybee as a study system has agricultural, economic, and ecological importance. Her projects are a perfect mix of neurobiology, conservation, and animal behavior that just sucks you in! Our goal with this website was to let the wonder of Chelsea’s work shine through and to use gorgeous imagery to keep her audience engaged in the research. We wanted approachable breakdowns of her research findings and an unflinching emphasis on her many major accomplishments.

the brand

cool, edgy, courageous

If you meet Chelsea, you’ll notice right away that she is cool, edgy, playful, and courageous. She swears like a sailor; laughs readily; and has a raw energy and enthusiasm about her that we wanted to channel. We chose bright, bold colors and a hand-drawn font, accompanied by gritty honeybee imagery and splashy color blocks. We wanted the site to feel energetic, intellectual, honest, and edgy, just like Chelsea and her future bee lab.

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