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We are the collaborator you didn’t know you were missing.

Impact Media Lab is a full-service creative agency, meaning our team can handle everything, from grant writing to media production to campaigns and distribution. We write, we photograph, we film, we code, we design, we build, we strategize, we deliver.

So tell me, how can we help YOU?




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ready to bring us on board?

Our funding takes two forms:


I have money!

I have funding and would like to hire Impact Media Lab to develop an outreach campaign:

You already have funding, wonderful! In this model, we brainstorm a media campaign together, based on your budget, your outreach goals, and the type of work that you do. We could create a documentary, an interactive web application, a new website for the project or your lab group. There is no limit to what we can build together.

I WILL have money!

I am applying for a grant and would like Impact Media Lab to develop my Broader Impacts section:

You're applying for a grant, great! Partnering with Impact Media Lab makes your grant proposals more competitive (we have a strong record of securing National Science Foundation funding). In this model, we collaborate to craft an exciting outreach campaign. We write the Broader Impacts section for you and add our production costs to the project budget.

 Cinematographer Matt Talarico on assignment. ©IML

Cinematographer Matt Talarico on assignment. ©IML

Some of the many benefits of collaborating with us:

  1. More time to focus on your science

  2. Greater impact for your work through better communication, AND

  3. More competitive grant applications, as you build a track record of successful outreach


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