the early career media kit: 4 pieces of essential digital content to launch your online presence.

Because the world is waiting to know your story.

 A young scientist works in the lab. Photo credit: skeeze for Pixabay.

Okay, real talk.

Look, we know the life of the early career scientist is crazy. And there is very little time to think about stuff like your online presence and visual identity. Let alone making the media happen.

But developing an online presence is important for your work, and it’s beneficial for your career. Your online presence is the gate keeper for future collaborators, funders, and colleagues to learn about you and your science.

So we’re here to help you make a cohesive, strategic online presence happen (and we’ve worked our tails off to find a way to keep it affordable).



the essential early career* media kit

* this deal is limited to grad students, post-docs, and pre-tenure faculty only.

Total price = $1600

The package Includes:

  1.  Gorgeous Squarespace website, cause you LEGIT and your website should drop jaws.

    - 4 pages

    - Includes a blog

    - Full social media integration

    - On-site SEO

    - Optimized across platforms

    - 30-minute website training

  2.  Custom logo

    - Bespoke representation of you and your work for use in ALL the things

  3.  Custom powerpoint template

    - Custom layouts, colors, and fonts that parallel your website & integrate your logo

  4. Head shot

    - You send us your favorite photo, we’ll make it worthy of a NatGeo cover.

Sign up TODAY, cause we’re not sure how long this offer will be around.

Because you rock.

Because your science rocks.

Because the world is waiting to know your story.