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Hi and welcome to Impact Media Lab!

A creative agency for scientists, by scientists

Impact Media Lab is a team of team of scientists-turned-communicators dedicated to helping YOU, scientists and science organizations, share your story with the world.

We are a full-service creative agency, meaning our team can handle everything, from grant writing to media production to campaigns and distribution. We write, we photograph, we film, we code, we design, we build, we strategize, we deliver.

So tell me, what can we do for YOU?


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You bring the science, we bring the strategy.

Our job is to make sure your communication and outreach efforts are an earth-shattering success. We work with you, one-on-one, to craft a media plan based on your science, your budget, and your goals for impact. We make a plan, and Impact Media Lab goes to work, building all of the pieces of your outreach campaign.



The Art (and Science) of Launching a Movement

Movements don’t just launch themselves! They are the end product of lots of people working together with a rock-solid strategy. Learn about our collaboration to help an emerging freshwater research and conservation organization find its voice (and use it!)

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Tools of the Lab

The process of working with Impact Media Lab was energizing, fun, creative, and collaborative. Each time Kika and I met to discuss the project, she quickly understood the scientific details but also how the story could be told in a compelling visual narrative.
— SC
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Because great communication leads to more than just attention for a project.

It leads to better papers, stronger grant proposals, exciting collaborations, and unexpected opportunities. It turns out that great science communication leads to great science, great science careers, and a greater, more science-savvy society.

So if you are looking to add ENERGY, MOMENTUM, and STRATEGY to your science (and your career) then you, my friend, have come to the right place!

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Breaking molds and getting paid

Sometimes scientists need a little coaxing to set their targets to SLAY. Learn about our work to help a rockstar scientist harness her personality, productivity, and unwavering commitment to inclusivity to crush her NSF proposal and build a courageous online presence.

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